"HaHa I won!

That's not fair, BoCo got in my way!"

— Bill and Ben, Preview
Bill and Ben are tank engine twins who work near Brendam Docks.


Stories of Sodor

Bill and Ben wanted to play a trick on Edward but then Edward played the trick on them.

Sodor Shorts

When Gordon wanted to engines he went to teach Bill and Ben and Diesel but it did go as plan. Bill and Ben are one of the engines who punched Diesel 10.


Bill and Ben are rather cheeky and love to teas other engines but they can get grumpy sometimes.


Bill and Ben both have brass nameplates with yellow writing, "SCC" written on both sides in yellow and "Brendam Bay" on the front of their saddle tanks. In the Railway Series, they have number plates reading 1 and 2 respectively above both the back of their cabs and their faces.


Bill and Ben are based on the Bagnall 0-4-0STs "Alfred" and "Judy" of Par, Cornwall, who are both preserved and in working order at the Bodmin and Wenford Railway. Alfred and Judy are painted in a green coat of paint, with yellow lining, although the former was once repainted in a yellow coat of paint, very similar to Bill and Ben's yellow coats of paint.


  • Bill and Ben are the first characters to speak in the franchise.


Sodor Shorts